Summertime is a Great Time for Sunless Tanning!

body treatments Sterling, VAWe may be at a point in summer when we are seeing pictures of our friends who have been kissed by the sun. A beautiful tan is something that is easy to covet. It’s also something that indicates sun damage. If you want to put a sunkissed glow into your summer vibe, you can do so without increasing your risk of premature aging and skin cancer. Just visit Aria Medi Spa for a few UV-free tanning sessions in our VersaSpa PRO booth.

Better than any Tanning Bed

Sunless tanning used to mean lying under UV lamps in a tanning bed. After much research, the dangers of this type of tanning became apparent. This limited our choices but did not put an end to the desire for a beautiful bronzed look. Sunless tanning then turned to self-tanners, products that would be applied in lotion or spray form to darken the skin. The problem was not only orange-tinged hands but orange skin all over the body. The VersaSpa PRO booth has changed all that.

To tan without the sun today means to schedule a few visits to our Sterling med spa for a convenient, safe, and effective spray tan. After choosing a localized tan (just the legs, please) or an all-over tan, and choosing the level of bronzing that best suits your skin, all that is left to do is stand and wait for the magic to be delivered. A few passes of bronzing solution cover the front and the back of the body with an evenness that far exceeds other self-tanner methods.

Benefits of Sunless Tanning

Aside from the affordability and convenience of VersaSpa PRO tanning, there are additional benefits to getting your glow on without UV light.

  • UV-free tanning is skin-safe. The VersaSpa tanning solution includes ingredients such as FDA-approved DHA (dihydroxyacentone) and natural compounds that smooth and nourishes the skin.
  • Tanning sprays are not harmful to the skin. On the contrary, the precise formulation created by VersaSpa chemists has been developed to fight premature aging.
  • VersaSpa PRO spray tanning puts you in control. Choose a lighter shade of bronzer for a subtle effect or a deeper bronze for something a little more dramatic.

Get your glow on! Call Aria Medi Spa at 703-444-2800 to learn more about sunless tanning in our comfortable Sterling facility.

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