Patient Testimonials

Camille B.
Great Falls, VA

“I recently completed the 7 day body detox/weight loss program at Aria.  I waited a while after leaving the spa to write this review to see if the 8 pounds I had lost while there would stay off…THEY DID, AND I’M ECSTATIC!!!  I even lost additional weight after I left the spa.  The weight I had lost were pounds I had struggled to lose for several years.  I can now wear clothes that hung in my closet during my “overweight period” unused or in which I looked like a stuffed sausage.  Needless to say, I am quite pleased with the dramatic results.  Thank you Aria!!!”


this place was amazing!! I had an appointment at 6 and called saying I would be late bc something had come up and I ended up showing up at 7:30. they were super sweet and helped me, there was no nasty attitudes or anything. I really appreciate them helping me last minute and I would definitely recommend this place (I got a spray tan). the spa itself is very nice and clean. 10/10 for sure!

Really a relaxing experience .. Wonderful people work there .. Really has a full spa environment ..!!
This place is an amazing .. They have top-of-line equipment ..
Anything to fix your Wrinkles .. Weight .. Hair removal .. Or just enjoy a facial ..
They also have great creams to chose from
If you want .. A Jacuzzi .. Tan paint machine .. Slow your aging process machine ..
Ematrix (remove scars .. Acne .. Rejuvenate skin) Laser hair removal
Laser skin tightening, Chemical peals
Weight loss sonar machine .. Kills fat cells
Elegant office .. Wonderful and knowledgeable people ..
the fresh water with cucumber or lemon drinks the tea experience and the afghan salt tile relaxing room ..Fruits .. Apples .. Etc ..
Highly Recommend Zola .. the rest as well

I enjoyed myself here for my birthday gift, it was my first time here and the design of this place is gorgeous. My only complaint is I wish I was throughly guided through my 3 hour spa experience. My first stop was the Bochka steam room and the guy(who was very nice) that was helping me his english was not good so he could barely communicate how the Bochka worked . He was offering other things for me but I could barely understand so I said no. Other than that my massage was awesome, my foot massage in the salt room was good too and I think I went to sleep snoring until a therapist came with her keys making noise looking for something I thought that was rude and she woke up me. But I hope to come back soon.

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