To Say Good-Bye to Headaches or Neck Pain…

Thai massage is a unique massage experience that will facilitate deep relaxation while wiping away your stresses. This massage is enjoyed comfortably in loose fitted clothing.
The famous Thai massage techniques incorporate stretching, palming, and pressure points over the entire body. The ancient healing knowledge of Thailand is amazing and highly therapeutic.

This massage is perfect for those with tight or achy muscles including those who suffer from back, shoulder, or neck pain and headaches.Your practitioner will provide a massage over the entire body to ensure all areas of concern are addressed. Each massage will be customized to meet your specific goals. Thai massage is known for its long term benefits and we’ve seen a large majority of our guests receive extended benefit from this massage treatment.

Our specialized experience in Thai massage relieves muscle pain and tension resulting in you feeling completely restored and rejuvenated.

Are You Experiencing…

Neck Pain or Headaches?
Back Pain?
Stress or Anxiety?

To say good-bye to headaches or neck pain and get back to the life you enjoy, schedule a Traditional Thai Massage or an East West Massage

Our Services:

Traditional Thai Massage  60/90/120 min. • $105/$149/$189

East West Massage 60/90/120 min. • $105/$149/$189


What should I expect at my Thai massage session?
How does Thai massage compare to Western massages?
What do you suggest for my first appointment?
What is a Royal Thai Herbal massage?
What is a Soothing Foot massage?
What is an East West  massage?
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