Wedding Beauty Guide – Six Months to Go…

We know you are busy, but don’t overlook the most important tasks of all – getting yourself looking and feeling the best on your wedding day.

 Feel amazing in your wedding clothes with UltraShape Power and drop up to two sizes in three quick treatments.

Aria MediSpa offers smooth and easy fat reduction. UltraShape Power is an affordable treatment that gently destroys fat cells, using focused ultrasound technology for fast, permanent results visible in as soon as two weeks. Sometimes diet and exercise are just not enough to eliminate those annoying bumps and bulges.
Tip: Whether you choose a non-invasive solution like UltraShape Power or the 7-Day Wellness Program to get in shape, don’t forget to maintain a healthy lifestyle up until the day you say “I do.”

Achieve your ideal weight for your big day with the 7-Day Detox Weight Loss Program and loose up to 15 pounds in 7 days.

Aria offers a fully comprehensive 1-Day Rejuvenation, 3-Day Energy Balance, and 7-Day Detox Weight Loss Program, based on the concept of natural detoxification and deep cleansing of the body using new methods in a multi-prong approach in order to lose weight, lose toxins naturally, eliminate fat, and encourage the lymphatic system to remove toxins from fat cells through both core and spa treatments, resulting in restoring the natural metabolism and balancing energy circulation. Relax in the intimacy of your own private suite and immerse yourself in the program specially designed for you.


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