What is Permanent Makeup?

As the name suggests, permanent makeup is a procedure that “permanently” leaves you looking like you have applied make up. While results are long-lasting, most patients need a refresher procedure after 1-3 years. Keep reading to take a closer look at the permanent makeup procedure.

What to Know about Permanent Makeup

  • Advantages: Permanent makeup can have many advantages, with the main one being the time it will save time both in the morning and at night. You will not have to worry about your looks, especially when you are pressed for time. Permanent makeup provides a consistent appearance and can save you a great deal of effort.
  • What happens during the consultation: Before your session, you will have a consultation where you will be given a patch test to check for adverse reactions to the materials used. Reactions, if any, can happen any time between a day and two weeks after the patch test. You can choose to opt out of the patch test, however doing so is not recommended.
  • Available services: There are a number of different permanent makeup services available. These eyebrows, eyeliner, eyelash enhancement, eye shadow, full lips and lip liner. Our staff will be able to help design you a plan based on your unique needs and wants.
  • After the session: You will require touch-ups once in a while. As already mentioned, the makeup will not last forever. Aging, your skin tone, the amount of exposure to sun, and usage of chemical peels are some factors that determine the longevity of permanent makeup.

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