Why Salt Room Therapy is On Trend

Historically, when people have talked about having a spa day, they may have had massages and facials on their mind. Today, the top spa trends revolve around overall wellness. This may be why so many people are asking about salt therapy (halotherapy). At Aria Medispa in Sterling, VA, salt therapy is an integral aspect of our wellness programs. Here, we discuss why.

Salt therapy is not a new trend; it’s been around since ancient times and was recommended by philosophers and shaman for respiratory conditions. Before we had halotherapy, there was speleotherapy, or cave therapy, which originated in a salt cave in Poland in which laborers were found to develop far fewer respiratory conditions than those who worked in other kinds of mines.

What Salt Does for the Body

Studies have suggested that everything from blood sugar levels to the energy in our cells is affected by salt. Unprocessed salt has 84 elements as well as trace elements that are present in the human body. This substance is also categorized as antibacterial and antimicrobial. Because salt contains negatively-charged ions, it stimulates numerous positive processes in the body.

Negative ions are advantageous for physical and psychological health. In addition to reducing inflammation when inhaled, salt also supports the immune, lymphatic, and nervous systems. As a result, people who engage in salt therapy often report that they feel less stressed, more content and that they experience fewer headaches and better sleep. Studies have also indicated that the minerals in unprocessed salt affect the activity of the skin cells, prompting the retention of moisture.

Why a Salt Room

Salt rooms don’t only exist in areas of the world where a day-trip to the sea is not possible. One of the biggest reasons why salt room therapy is on trend is because the concentration of salt particles created with halotherapy is up to 15 times stronger than what naturally exists by the ocean.

Sitting in the therapeutic climate of our salt room, you can let the stress of the day or week slip away while observing the beauty of natural salt crystals and listening to relaxing music. Experience the benefits of salt therapy. Schedule your visit to Aria Medispa at 703-444-2800.

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