Your Life Without Sugar!

Please join our Workshop “YOUR LIFE WITHOUT SUGAR” – $35

Saturday September 14 at 1:30 pm Presented by : Lars Bodenheimer

Certified Holistic Health & Life Coach Weight Loss & Health Transformation, Habit Change & Lifestyle Design

“Coach Lars has given me my life back! I was so happy that he was willing to walk me through the transition and help me transform my health to a vibrant, healthy person who feels years younger. He has shown me that he truly cares and has become my confidant, willing to stand by my side as I learn and implement new things while following his guidance to make improvements in my life. I look forward to a lifetime of eating and living a healthy way, because a bookshelf diet leaves you with temporary and fading results. I needed a change in my lifestyle, and he delivered!”

Seats are limited, please call 703-444-2800 or book online.

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