A Look at Cryogenic Spa Treatment

In the medical world, cryotherapy is typically used for treating a range of malignant and benign tissue damage. These are termed as lesions. “Cryotherapy” is derived from cryo, a Greek word meaning cold.

The general aim of cryotherapy, in any form, is to reduce cellular metabolism (growth and reproduction), inflammation, pain and aid cellular survival and vasoconstriction.

Benefits of Cryogenic Spa Treatment

Cryotherapy is has been proven quite effective in treating several kinds of skin and aging related problems. Below are some benefits of a Cryogenic Spa Treatment:

  • Do you notice that the skin on your entire body begins to sag and wrinkle with age? This is a very natural phenomenon and happens due to the loss of collagen. In the Cryogenic Spa Treatment, the skin’s outer layer is briefly frozen and this way the deep collagen layers get damaged and in response, produce more collagen. The result is that the skin begins to regain its elasticity and looks smoother and younger.
  • The Cryogenic Spa Treatment, when it focuses especially on the individual’s face, helps minimize the appearance of pores and reduces or eliminates any “puffiness” or inflammation. There is a noticeable disappearance of wrinkles and fine lines and the facial skin looks tighter.
  • When you undergo cryogenic spa treatments for your entire body, you feel that the body loosens up and any pain or ache in the joints or muscles is reduced or alleviated altogether.
    Cryogenic Spa Treatment primarily stimulates your body cells to produce a greater amount of collagen, thus enhancing the appearance of your skin.

For More Information on Cryogenic Spa Treatments, Contact Aria Medi Spa

Aria Medi Spa, located at Pidgeon Hill Drive, Sterling, VA is a leading center for all kinds of skin enrichment and medical aesthetics treatments. Dr. Bruce Freedman, Medical Director, Aria Medi Spa is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He is also a member of the American College of Surgeons. Our team includes various other experienced therapists who have comprehensive knowledge about modern treatments such as the Cryogenic Spa Treatment. For any questions or concerns, or for scheduling an appointment, contact us directly at 703-444-2800.


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