The Benefits of Laser Hair Removal!

While there are a number of different options for removing unwanted hair from the face or body, they are often time-consuming, painful or require routine maintenance. Laser hair removal offers a more effective option,

Small Area Six sessions – $130 ($750 value); M – $250 ($1,100 value)!, L – $390 ($1,650 value): XL  – $490; ($2,350  value)! XL+ $590; ($3,150 value)

Laser Hair Removal

  • A precise solution. Laser hair removal is designed to be a targeted and precise way to remove hair from the face or body. It can even target small areas of dark or coarse hairs, without damaging any surrounding tissue.
  • Offers long-term to permanent results. More traditional forms of hair removal require constant maintenance as hair grows back with time. With just 3 to 6 treatments, most patients see long-term or permanent results from the laser hair removal procedure.
  • Can be performed quickly. Unlike time-consuming hair removal options like waxing, tweezing or shaving, laser hair removal quickly tackles areas of unwanted hair. Certain small areas, like the upper lip, can be completed just under a minute.
  • Eliminates ingrown hairs. It’s no secret that ingrown hairs can be frustrating, leaving patients with red bumps, pain, swelling and more. Laser hair removal targets these ingrown hairs, allowing for smooth, clear skin.
  • It’s virtually painless. Unlike waxing or tweezing, laser hair removal is a virtually pain-free procedure. While some patients report a small degree of discomfort during this procedure, it’s typically mild and subsides on its own.

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