Foot Reflexology: Are You Missing Out?

Foot massage in spa salonFor many people, it is the massage that they get that is the best part of their regular pedicure. There is foot massage, which can feel pampering, and then there is reflexology. Here, we discuss what you’re missing out on if you haven’t yet gotten into the foot reflexology game.

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology massage works by applying pressure to specific reflex points. It can be done on the ears and hands but is most often done on the feet. Here, there are various points that correlate to specific areas of the body. By stimulating an area, the reflexologist can induce a healing response. In this way, a reflexology foot massage offers clinical benefits as well as physical comfort to the feet themselves.

During a reflexologist will use a diagram map for every organ or system in the body. Utilizing this “map,” the reflexologist can target specific parts of your body by working the correlating area on the foot. For example, to target the sciatic nerve, the reflexologist may massage a local point on the heel of each foot. To target the liver, they may apply pressure to the center of the right foot just behind the ball of that foot.

Not Just a Glorified Foot Massage

A standard foot massage may look very similar to reflexology at first glance. Both have specific advantages. The traditional foot massage is an excellent service for muscle relaxation and improved circulation through the feet. This alone can benefit overall well-being. The reflexology massage, however, is designed to restore optimal energy flow through the body by moving blood, nutrients, and nerve impulses. By stimulating improved energy glow, this specialized massage can offer more extensive benefits like removing imbalances in certain body systems or organs. Some of the benefits of foot reflexology include energy balance, general healing, increased circulation, immune-boosting, and cleansing of toxins. Some of the beneficial results of foot reflexology may include better sleep, improved mood, and pain relief. Foot reflexology has even been mentioned as an effective drug-free treatment for headaches.

What is a Reflexology Session Like?

A reflexology session usually lasts 30 minutes. Before the treatment, the reflexologist may inquire about any health issues, such as tension headaches or trouble sleeping. Clients are clothed for their reflexology massage and may receive treatment while sitting or lying down. Reflex points are stimulated by pressing, rubbing, and squeezing points on the feet. Even when addressing a particular organ or system, the reflexology session will typically work in a pattern, starting with the toes and moving down the foot to the heel. The purpose of this is to remove energy blockages that may inhibit relaxation and healing. As energy is released to move more freely, clients may feel a range of sensations. These may include tingling in various areas, deep relaxation, and a strong sense of well-being.

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