How Does Detox Help with Weight Loss?

No matter how cleanly you try to eat, your body is most likely full of toxins from cleaning products that you use around the house, sugars and glutens that you eat at home or at restaurants and other chemicals and medications you have ingested over the years. A detox program can help you feel better, regain energy and even lose weight. Here is how it works. 


There are many ways that you come into contact with toxins, which are dangerous substances that can enter your body through your nose, skin or digestive tract. They are then processed by the liver or the kidneys, which try to rid your body of them. However, your body is not typically able to get rid of all of the toxins without a bit of extra help. 

What Can a Detox Do?

During a detox, your body will be helped to let go of these dangerous toxins. The tissues and organs in your body will cleanse themselves, and you may be surprised at just how different you feel. Detoxification can help calibrate your hormones and improve your mental health. You may find that you lose some of your cravings and that it is suddenly easier to lose weight. This is because your body will finally be functioning the way it should be.

Can Detox Help with Weight Loss?

Weight loss is typically not as simple as making calorie expenditure greater than calorie ingestion. Instead, your genetics, hormones and foods that you eat significantly impact this equation. Because a detox plan is meant to clean up your diet, reduce inflammation in your body and help your body work the way it was designed to, you can definitely expect to see weight loss when following a detox plan.

Our Detox Weight Loss Plan

At Aria Yoga and Wellness Center, you can experience the amazing benefits of detoxification yourself with our seven-day detox for weight loss plan. During your seven day stay, you will experience many of our amazing programs and treatment sessions, including detox aroma hydrotherapy, dry float, lymph drainage massage, salt room therapy and whole body vibration therapy. You will also be able to add on some of our supplemental therapies, including such spa treatments as the sauna experience, body contouring, body scrubs, meditation and sleep studies. We combine these experiences with healthful organic foods raised by local farmers and designed as an adjunct to your treatment. Many of our clients lose up to 12 pounds during this one-week experience and find that they can continue their weight loss at home when they follow the healthy lifestyle recommended to them here at Aria.

While detox for weight loss is normally an infrequent experience designed to cleanse the body and jump start fat burning, it is an integral process for nearly anyone. It can help your body work the way it was meant to, cleanse toxins from your organs and help you feel more vibrant and healthful. | (703) 444-2800

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