Is Your Skin as Pale as a Winter Snow? See Us for Help!

Sunless Tanning Via VersaSpa Pro Ashburn VAJust because it is Wintertime doesn’t mean we all have to look like Frosty the Snowman. Sure, it’s been months since we may have had the ability to sit under the natural sunlight and soak up some rays. It’s been months since that last bit of Summertime glow has left our skin – left us wanting. And we have a few more months to go before bikini season. But why should we go through them with pasty, pale skin?

There’s no denying the gratification of a sun-kissed glow. Even in the dead of winter, a subtle touch of bronze on the cheeks, shoulders, and legs can do a lot for our mental well-being. If you’re missing the sunshine (so are we!), consider visiting Aria MediSpa in Sterling, VA for a personalized VersaSpa Pro sunless tanning session.

– Sunless, skin-bronzing formula Clear $40, Bronzing – $45*

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Why Spray Tanning is Ideal

There are several ways to improve your glow. One is to sit in the sun. We all know the dangers of that. Then there are tanning beds, but those can also come with quite a hefty risk to the skin. So we turn to sunless tanning products. We don’t know about you, but the idea of having to sift through tubes and tubes of product to find our perfect winter shade, and then try to apply that product to every part of the body without staining our hands or elbow creases, doesn’t sound very relaxing. It sounds downright stressful. Hence, why spray tanning is ideal.

Spray tanning lets someone, or something else, do the job for you. Our VersaSpa Pro is just that thing. Way back when, in the early days of spray tanning, we had the Mystic Tan that sprays tiny particles of colored product onto the skin. It worked – most of the time. VersaSpa is a system that adds a custom bronze glow using DHA, a sugar compound that reacts with the amino acids within the keratin layer on the skin. More than adding color, though, this system also primes the skin, hydrates it, and dries it off, so you don’t have to worry about those godawful streaks.

You don’t have to head off to a tropical locale to get your glow on. Call Aria at 703-444-2800 and schedule your sunless tanning session.

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