Has Your Weight Loss Halted? This Could be Why!

Have you been dedicated to your weight loss for the past several weeks, only to hop on the scale and see very little change? Many people struggle with a little problem we refer to as being weight loss resistant. Not to worry; this isn’t some chronic and untreatable condition. There are several reasons why the scale may not move quite as easily for you. We commonly meet with people whose weight loss stalls within a few weeks of starting a diet and exercise routine. Here, we point out a few of the factors that can contribute to weight loss resistance.

  • The normal circadian rhythm for sleep is between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. If you’re not getting eight to nine hours of uninterrupted sleep during this time, your weight loss goals may be sabotaged. Studies indicated that sleep is a major factor in stalled weight loss even when a person eats very well and exercises. The good news here is that you can give your efforts a boost just by prioritizing sleep.
  • Gut bacteria. We all have colonies of bacteria in our gut, good and bad. If you are eating well and taking a probiotic to aid in digestion, this could backfire. Any overgrowth of bacteria, good or bad, can increase calorie absorption right around the midsection. A thorough nutritional analysis can identify whether or not gut bacteria overgrowth may be keeping you from the body you want.
  • Hormone imbalance. With hormonal shifts, we can experience fluid retention, food cravings, fatigue, and, of course, weight gain. There is no need to fight against your hormones. The binge eating, dieting, and insulin resistance can decrease with a holistic approach to regain physiological stasis. Strategies may include adding or restricting certain foods, engaging in a stress-reducing exercise like yoga, taking supplements, and more.
  • Food sensitivities. Sensitivity to any food can result in joint pain, skin problems, and difficulty losing weight. Often, food sensitivity relates to what we call leaky gut, a condition in which the gut lining weakens and allows proteins to escape into the body. Leaky gut may be caused by a bad diet, NSAIDs like ibuprofen, and stress. Specific dietary changes can have miraculous results.
  • Artificial sweeteners. Here, aspartame is enemy number one. This common artificial sweetener is found in many diet sodas and sparkling water beverages. The problem with aspartame is that it gets broken down via glycation, a process that can stall fat loss just as if you were drinking several regular sodas every day.

Weight loss doesn’t have to be such a difficult journey. The detox programs and Total Body Design at Aria Medi Spa are well-rounded with multiple services to boost weight loss capabilities, energy, and vitality. Call 703-444-2800 to learn more.

Our menu includes over 100 Unique Services:

Skin CareFacial TreatmentsChemical Peels, Permanent Makeup Art, Eyelash Extension, LED Face Mask, Silk Peel Hydration, Injectables, Waxing.
Laser Care: Laser hair removal, Pigmentation and Age Spot Removal, eMatrix  Acne Scar and Acne Spot Removal, PicoWay Tattoos Removal;
Body Care: Massage Therapy, Thai Massage, Aromatherapy, Body Scrub and Wrap,
Day Spas: Peaceful Drift; Detox Day Spa; Couples Romantic Day Spa;  Gentlemen Day Spa; Amazing -“Moroccan Breeze Day Spa”. “Nirvana” Day Spa; Anniversary Day Spa, Only for Men.
Weeding Services: 6 Month to go.., 3 Month to go.., 1 Month to go.. spa treatments, Bridal and Groom packages, Special event for the Bride or Groom.
Advanced Day Spa Packages:  Cryogenic Day-Spa Package ,  Salt Therapy Day-Spa Package, Flotation Room Day Spa, Sunless Bronzing Day-Spa; All day Rejuvenation Detox Program.
Body Shaping: UltraShape Fat reduction, VelaShape Body contouring and Cellulite Treatment;ZERONA® Non-invasive Body Contouring, Body sculpturing Day spa;
Featured: Whole body Anti-Aging CryoTherapy, Salt Room Therapy, Flotation therapy, Kneipp Contrast shower, Sunless Tanning;
Detox Treatments: Detox Aroma Hydrotherapy CARACALLA treatment, Seaweed JOUVENCE Wrap Dry Float, Sharko Jet Sower, Lymph Drainage Massage; Evaluation, Nutritionist Consultation, Dietetic Balanced Breakfast, Lunch, DinnerFull body Densitometry Test,
Detox Programs: One day Rejuvenation Detox Program, 3 days Energy Balance Program, 7 days Detox Weight Loss;
Yoga and yoga packages.


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