How to Lose 12 LB in a Seven Days Detox Program at Aria MediSpa

Rejuvenation – One day Detox Program

The ageing process starts to become evident at the age of 35. It slows down the general metabolism, decrease energy level and hormone production. The aging processes slow down digestive functions, increasing dehydration of tissues, stiffness of muscles and joints. As result of these our immune system and all body functions decline, and less effectively, recognize infection agents and only partially react to them, leading to accumulation of toxins in cells.
At Aria Wellness Center we use new anti-ageing solutions that are able to slow down the ageing process using internal body sources.All Day Rejuvenation Detox Program is designed for anyone who wants to be guided through the main concept of the ageing process, and for those who want to restore their body’s natural balance.When you arrive to Center you will be directed to your room. After short break you will be served with the Detoxifying Breakfast followed by the treatments:

Full body Densitometry test 30 min
Evaluation 30 min
Detox Aroma Hydrotherapy CARACALLA treatment 20 min.
Seaweed Wrap Dry Organic Body Scrub 30 min
Float on a JOUVENCE
table 20 min.
Sharko shower 10 min
Lymph Drainage Cupping Massage  60 min
Bio-light Lunch  30 min.
Whole body Cryotherapy 5 min
Salt Room Therapy 30 min.
Sauna Ritual Experience with snow infusion 30 min
Float Therapy 60 min.
Organic Facial 60
Meditation 30 min.
Dinner 45 min.

This combination along with light dinner allows our guests to enjoy a relaxing and elegant environment as they embark on a journey to a beautiful and youthful appearance.

Membership price $785
* VIP Club Wellness  price $700




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